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5 Things to Consider When Designing Posters
Designing posters can be fun and exciting, but there are many elements to think about when creating your design for print. Posters in NYC need to be attention grabbing and visually appealing while stating everything that needs to be said. To help you achieve this goal, let’s explore 5 things that you should consider when designing a poster.

Easy to Read

A poster should contain key information that can be easily read from a certain distance. It should draw readers in and allow them to learn more about your event, product, or service. You’ll need to work on a headline, the details of what the poster is about, and the fine print that includes anything else that needs to be presented on the poster.

Use Contrasting Colors

You have just one chance to grab an individual’s attention using your poster. One key way to achieve this is by using elements with high contrast when poster printing. In NYC, avoid monotone colors or pale gradients and instead be bold and use different fonts and bright colors. Experiment with the poster and make it stand out.

Make Them Mini

Poster printing, a New York pastime, doesn’t have to only involve a large poster hung on the wall. You may also consider making other versions of your poster in a smaller size. Share the image on your social media account or email it to others after you’ve scaled it down some. You could make the image the size of a postcard and hand it out to others as a way of advertising your brand. You could even make a special landing page on your website specifically for the poster.

Go for Big Visuals

No matter what else is on your poster, there should be one dominant image above all the others. Watch to make sure that everything can be read easily and that the colors are constrasting enough to avoid blending. The image that is made the focal point of your poster is the key to its success. We also offer offset printing services. Learn more here.

Exaggerate Space

While your first instinct may be to put as much information and imagery as possible on the poster, you could actually do a lot less to create the effect you desire. Spacing should be exaggerated between elements, which increases the impact of the poster and aids in readability. Extra space could benefit between letters, lines of text, around the margins, between differing elements, and around the focal point of the poster. If you need something bigger like a popup banner, we offer those with quick turnaround time.

Use a Call to Action

The goal of each poster you see is meant to encourage action from others. A call to action is a simple statement that invites others to do something, such as to visit a website or contact a representative of a business. When viewing your poster, users will know what is expected of them and how to move forward. If your target audience is interested in other design elements, such as QR codes that allow them to scan for more information, then you can add these as well.

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