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Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing – Which is Best?

Beginners often believe that the color seen on the computer screen is what will be reproduced during printing. This can be a fatal mistake that leads to problems when labels and packaging is printed, making it important to focus on the printing process used for your products. The technique used as well as the technology can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your design.
One problem that many individuals run into when they first enter the world of graphic design involves their very first packaging project. To help you avoid this mistake, let’s go over the difference between two popular printing types and how they can be used in your business.


Offset printing uses metal plates that layer the colors onto sheets rapidly. Newspapers as well as magazines are often made using this type of printing technology. The images are of superior quality and the price for large printing jobs is highly cost-effective. However, it takes longer to complete and can be expensive for lower volume projects.


Digital printers use the same technology that is used in your printer at home. The turnaround time is quick, which makes doing jobs with lower volumes very affordable. The colors may not match the image you see on your screen and the materials that are able to be printed are less varying than offset printing offers.

What’s the Verdict?

There are plenty of other things to discuss in order to determine which printing option would be best for you. These include materials, completion times, coating options, prototyping, and quantity.


Labels can be printed using both digital and offset printing. NYC companies that need rigid or paperboard packaging for products will need offset printing, which allows you to get the highest quality possible. If packaging is corrugated, you can either choose offset or digital. However, offset may be preferred if additional processing is needed, such as foil stamping. If you’re going small and simple, then digital is the way to go. We offer printed custom packaging to help you showcase your brands. We can also help with cannabis packaging.

Quality of Color

Offset printing is expensive, but it outperforms digital products when you’re comparing the brightness of or the depth of colors. With offset printers, NYC businesses can expect inks to be perfectly matched. Digital printers can only make approximations when calibrating colors and may not be the best for more complex images. Though, for e-commerce digital is the right way to go.


If you’re planning on getting printing done for folding cartons or rigid boxes, then you will need to use offset no matter how big or small your project is. Orders that are on the lower scale benefit more from digital printing and it is more cost-effective while offset is ideal for volumes of anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 pieces. This is great for larger businesses, but small companies may prefer digital.
The type of printing you choose depends on several different factors. With this information, you can make a more informed decision on your printing and make your product shine. If you need poster printing or popup event signs, we can help.

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