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3 Amazing Tips for Designing a Lavish Lookbook

If you work in fashion, then you know that image is what matters the most. Your first impression is highly important, especially when it comes to the lookbook for your brand. It’s important to get it right the first time – which is possible with the help of these tips.

First – What’s a Lookbook & Why Does Your Brand Need One?

In simple terms, a lookbook is a catalogue that shows various clothing items from a fashion brand’s collection. They don’t contain any prices or details about items – they are simply to display your fashions and attract the interest of potential customers or clients. It shows how products are paired to complete the look and it often tells a story, coming together with some of theme or highlighting certain elements.
You can create digital lookbooks, with some fashionistas dedicating entire websites to them, but you should also consider lookbook printing. NYC has some of the best printing companies in America, so you can have an amazing brochure that attracts attention and highlights the positive aspects of your fashion. While a digital lookbook is a great thing to have, there are some benefits of keeping printed copies available.
Get noticed. Printing a brochure shows others that your work is taken seriously and that you have dedicated yourself to being professional in how you display your products. If you need something larger like a poster or offset printing service, we can help.
Establish credibility. If you’re a new or small company, having a print of your lookbook can give the illusion that you are bigger and have a more versatile budget, which is indicative of success and reliability.
Increase views. Links and emails may not get noticed if they’re sent at inopportune moments, dooming them to the trash bin. However, printed brochures are close at hand and are more likely to be given attention.
Ready when you need it. If you’re constantly on the go, having a lookbook on hand makes it easy to quickly introduce your collection to others at a moment’s notice.
Now that you know the importance of New York lookbooks, let’s explore some tips to make yours as successful and appealing as possible.

Go for Simple

There’s no need to overthink things – it’s a teaser of your fashion line, not an entire catalogue. You can keep it simple and focus on the layout, poses, highlight shots, and other visual elements. The background should be simple and complementary of your fashions.

Look Beyond Products

A lookbook isn’t a simple sample – it is used to pique interest with a realistic view of how the clothing from your line would look when worn by others. Photos should look natural and provide context for your clothing that speaks to who they’re for and where they would be worn, which is a very effective way to stir up excitement about the looks you create.

Plan & Structure

Don’t forget that your lookbook is for the reader. Don’t simply put together random photos – plan everything in order to attract the interest of your target audience. Keep your strongest photos at the beginning and end of the lookbook and look at how each photograph can come together, giving the brochure consistency throughout.

We double check to ensure every bit of information and details about your company are clearly displayed in your catalog lookbook. You can choose from many different designs of catalogs for any project you’re working on. It can be a training manual for new employees or detailed information on your new product project. You can plan, design, and create each step of the process before your catalog is printed. You have full control of your project. Every page will match the needs of your project. You can depend on Copy4LessNY to print your project with every detail covered. All you have to do is create the order and sit back and watch our magic. We’ll even send them to your customers from your mailing list. You don’t have to do anything, Copy4LessNY printing will take care of the complete project, within your time frame. Go ahead and order your catalogs and booklets now, and they will be on their way to your customers before you know it. Be sure to grab a popup event sign to accompany your lookbook launch!

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