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What Type of Printing is Best for Packaging?
The printing that is used in packaging products is extremely important to the outcome of your design. There are five types of printing that is used when printing packages, each with their own advantages as well as some disadvantages. To help you decide how to proceed, here are some details about the five printing types and how they may be beneficial to your company.

Lithography (Offset)

Offset printing services are highly ideal for labels and folding cartons. Packaging & printing quality is high and perfect for products intended for consumers, such as electronics, food products, and cosmetics. Coatings can be used to increase the perception of the value of the product, such as using matte or high gloss. Gradients come out smoothly and there is no banding.

Flexography (Flexo)

Flexo is most often used for flexible packaging along with corrugated boxes. You can save money and enjoy having a fast turnaround time. You can also use inks of either water or oil, depending on the preference of the materials for your packaging. NYC brands may need to be aware that the quality is slightly lesser than offset printing and banding occurs when attempting to print smooth color gradients. Images will also be of lesser quality.

Digital (Ink Jet)

Digital printing can be found at a packaging company in NYC, where you can print labels, corrugated boxes, cartons that fold, prototypes, and film for packaging that is flexible. The turnaround times are very fast and the quality is superb. You’ll need to adjust your design and leave metallic colors out, as digital printing does not allow for metallic inks.

Rotogravure (Gravure)

This process is often used for items that need flexible packaging as well as folding cartons. Images are printed easily and in premium quality. Colors can be used effectively, so custom packaging for NYC companies is made with no problem. Larger businesses may benefit due to the volume that companies using this process can produce.

Silkscreen (Screen)

This printing process is excellent for any pre-made packaging needs. It’s used for protypes, labels, promotional items, and folding cartons as well as other products, such as shirts and mugs. It doesn’t cost much and can be good for smaller businesses that don’t need a high volume of printing done. However, it may not look as clean and images may be low quality.

Which Is Best?

Of the five kinds of printing available for your labels and products, lithography, or offset, has the most versatility. However, it may not be as cost-effective as some of the other options. If color matching is essential, then you should consider offset, gravure, or silkscreen. For less than four colors, flexo is the best choice. Smaller budgets, or companies that only require low volumes, might find interest in flexo, digital, or silkscreen. We also offer amazing and unbeatable cannabis packaging for your products. If you’re planning on printing images and want high quality reproductions, then offset, gravure, or digital may be right for you. It all depends on the design you had in mind for your brand’s products. We also print posters and can create event signage for your next occasion!

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