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As most of you know, medical marijuana is not hidden anymore. It is being brought to the daylight and it is more mainstream than ever before. That is no different here in New York, especially Manhattan. However, there are protocols that need to be followed for the packaging of medical cannabis. If you are in the industry you are going to need someone who is educated about the regulations because they are always changing. Your partner in printing, designing, and graphic design should be able to quickly adapt to these changes that are always happening.

Printing New York

One such place is Printing New York. We are going to help you make unique and state approved designs. We want your packaging to be unique and fun but still follow all regulations that are mandated by the state. Plus, we are local and located right here in NYC. Our packaging is child-resistant and we will work with you to provide all your needs. Whether you are a dispensary, consumer, or grower we can help all of you with the packaging needs. We do offer many different ways to package an item so it fits what you want and we always make sure to follow the state’s guidelines and regulations.

Packing Cannabis Strategy

Keep in mind that when you are packaging your item, this is going to be what connects you to the customer. Even the slightest change or difference is going to send a different signal to a customer. We want you to have the best packaging for your business so that you can relate to your customers. That is why we will help you design your story and meet your requirements. Our team will work with you to prepare a formula for your specific package while of course following all rules and regulations.

Packing Design of Cannabis

We have special experts who are going to help deal with the designs. We are going to be able to create a design that follows regulation but still helps you stand out from the competitors. Plus, our design team is going to be there through every step of the process to make sure that your brand is you and what you want. We want to help you create the best connection with your customers and the design is one of the big connection points. If you need custom packaging for a different industry/product, we offer custom printed packaging as well.

Developing Packaging for Cannabis

Once you finish the design, we will run a small version of your product. This will ensure that you are getting what you need and want before we make the bulk order. When we make this prototype, we are ensuring that you enjoy the look and how it was made. We want all the standards to be met. This prototype is going to help boost safety and branding. If changes need to be made, we can make them and anything else will be finalized.

Our store has been active for nine years and we print everything. We want you to choose us to help you get your job done. We are glad to help you with your graphic design needs, your printing needs, as well as your packaging needs.

We guarantee all our work, and will work with you to correct anything you don't like, or your money back!