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November 13, 2018
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Starting a business takes a lot of work. There are so many things that you have to do, including thinking of a business name, a domain name, a logo design, a website design, getting business cards, and more. You have to find the correct location for your business as well. When all is said and done, have you thought of that one thing that your customer notices first? Well, it’s your sign! Your sign is what gets the unsaid message across to your clients. But more often than not, businesses mess it up. You’ll be surprised to know that quite a number of signs are designed to be less than effective. We have highlighted some of the common mistakes in this article to help you avoid them when it’s time for you to design the perfect sign for your business.



Simple is the word. It’s highly recommended that you keep your logo as simple as possible. Your logo should be decipherable, not blurry. The shape associated with your brand should be recognizable. Another common mistake that entrepreneurs usually make is taking an image for a logo. If you’re using an image as your logo, you need to know that it’s a brand asset, not a logo. Get a third opinion and have a creative person who is not related to your brand examine your logo. In all probability, he will tell you that there isn’t any proper thought seen behind it.



We all know that there are contrasting colors and complementary colors. In your signage, you should get the letters to contrast with the background that they’re applied to or mounted on. Do remember that contrast isn’t about clashing. The colors of your letters should be such that they stand out against the background. However, they shouldn’t look obnoxiously flashy or garish at all.



We’ve got to break it to you: Using fancy fonts doesn’t make your sign any more legible. If you want your clients to know what you’re saying, it’s best to choose a classic font. It doesn’t matter if your business deals with fancy things. You should never choose a font that is too scripted or too playful because it may very well be illegible. For example, Papyrus or Comic Sans should never be an option.



The worst signage design mistake you can make is not taking any measurements at all! Signs lose their charm when there is no space at the end. The letters that started at a distance begin getting closer towards the end and get wrapped awkwardly. This may lead to other subtleties going unnoticed. Have you ever noticed that the letter “W” nestles closer to letter “A” than the letter “L”? Taking note of these minor details can make a significant difference in your sign. Do remember that any viewer who sees a sign with these design errors may find your sign to be rather odd-looking.



Before you get your sign, it is necessary to measure the area where you’ll be installing or mounting the sign. Size the lettering according to the area. This will lead to a balance of negative space around the letters.



It’s summer, and you’ve found a great place to hang your sign. But what about winter? What if that beautiful tree gets covered by snow and ends up hiding your sign? Always select a location that has good visibility throughout the year.


Don’t Forget To Order It

It is quite plausible that you get so wrapped up with the opening events and such that you forget to even order your signage design. More people do this than you’d think. Don’t be one of them! Your sign is your businesses identity so it is important that you get one before opening day.


Wrapping up

You’ve got your logo, website, and other imagery all in place. That’s a great start to your branding! However, you must pay equal attention to your signage design. You probably have no idea what wonders an attractive physical front on your store can do for your brand’s image!


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