How to Choose The Best Printing Company

Why You Should Hire a Professional Printing Company
November 13, 2018
Finding the Right Printing Company for your Business
November 13, 2018
There’s no arguing that printing is essential to any office work, and the overall costs of it can be much higher than one would expect. This is why it’s safe to get a printing service that will is within your company budget while giving you the sufficient level of printing needs. Here are a few things to look for when you look for a printing company.   1) Visit their premises. Your paper works need to be in order, and you need to make sure that every detail is as it’s supposed to be. This is why you should visit the business to see if they are worth their price. How the business presents itself to you will tell whether you should trust their business or not. For example, if the shop is messy and there are papers everywhere, that might just be how they handle your all-important new contract or poster draft, so you should stay clear from them.   2) Check the quality of work – Don’t sacrifice quality for price! Official paper works need to be neat and clear, which is why you should never sacrifice the quality for the price. Have a set standard for what you expect the printing job to be. For example, if there are any ink smudge or misregistered text, even if it’s for a cheaper price, you shouldn’t use their services. If you hand this flawed document to your customer, they might feel like you are a cheap business who doesn’t even care enough to make sure that their printing job comes out clean and on a good quality paper.   3) Investigate the level of customer service you will receive. There’s no avoiding having to reprint something. It’s going to happen to everyone at some point, so you need to make sure that your printing service is ready and willing to do that for you. A professional printing service knows how to communicate with customers, and they will have a fail-safe policy to make sure that the customers get the best experience possible. It’s more cost-effectively to pay a little extra to get high-quality customer service and printing jobs.   4) Check the reputation of the company How the business is perceived will give you an idea of what to expect from a company. Find out the basic ideas and reputation of the business, as well as the general consensus surrounding the printing company. You can find out all of this information on the internet. Check their social media accounts if they have it. Google Review can also be helpful in this regard as well. If they are ridden with negative comments and angry customers, then it’s a clear sign that you should not use their services.   5) Investigate the printer’s ‘green credentials’. Printing services use a lot of paper, electricity and other resources, meaning that if you care about the environment, you should use the service that cares about it as well. You want to do business with a printing company that makes it their mission to reduce their carbon footprint. Check for their Forest Stewardship Council certificate and PEFC accreditations. Also, make sure that they use an ISO 14001 accredited machine and offer recycled paper and environmentally-friendly inks.     6) Choose the right format of printer for your job. Each printing job requires different printing techniques to be at its most efficient. A printing service that specializes in printing colored prints will typically cost less and do a better job of printing those media than other services. You need to identify what your main print jobs are going to be and go for a printing service that corresponds with those needs.   Finally…be loyal to your print provider! A good printing service can be hard to find, so you should make sure that you keep a good relationship with them. Staying loyal to a business for a long time can actually save cost on your print works, helping you to save the printing budget in the long run.

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