Finding the Right Printing Company for your Business

How to Choose The Best Printing Company
November 13, 2018
Our New Website
November 13, 2018
Your project is ready for printing and you can’t wait to see it all, physically in front of you! But who will you trust to construct your masterpiece and make it a reality? Local, online, national, international printers or a shop that specializes in your specific project, the cheapest shop you can find or a shop you can build a long-term relationship with? There are way too many choices to consider. Let us help you decide:  Evaluation Start by making a list of the goals and requirements for your business project. Decide whether this will be a one-time printing job or a monthly thing, how many pieces you’ll need printed, your deadline, budget, and whether or not specialized printing or specific equipment is needed. Listing your needs will allow you to more easily pick a shop that can meet these needs and requirements. Research Take the time to browse potential printing partners. Check out their websites, look and their previous work and design galleries to get a feel for the quality and what to expect. What features they have available, color schemes, equipment and paper options can all make a huge difference. Read their ‘about us’ section and look for any rewards or customer reviews and testimonials, social interactions and even look through their social media pages. Look at their locations, although proximity shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Contact Them If you have concerns or have a specific need or feature for your project, don’t be afraid to give them a call or send an email regarding your issue. It’s important to communicate your expectations in detail so that everyone is on the same page. Speaking to a representative can also give you an insight to the company’s value, culture, service and employees. Bottom Line When placing your trust in a professional printer, it’s important to feel comfortable with the company and their capabilities. Take time to research their services and products to determine if they will be able to meet your needs.

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