The best hotels in New York City

For a comfortable stay at New York City, you must find the best hotel. A world of opulence can be presented in front of you by these hotels. Royal treatment can be obtained from here. The king size bed is made with high quality linens. In this way, you may able to have a good night sleep without any doubt. Service of the staff must be excellent too.
  1. The Whitby
Beautiful sight of New York City can be ensured with The Whitby as it is located in the Upper Midtown. It is very close to Central Park. Therefore, you can easily go there for a morning stroll. Other landmarks of the city like Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center and Broadway is not too far also. Some shopping experience can be enjoyed in Barney and Bloomingdales also. By looking at this hotel, you may like to celebrate every moment.
  1. The New York Edition
With 273 rooms, The New Edition is situated in the Madison Square Madison within the Flatiron District of New York. The location is quite open. Therefore, you may able to enjoy outdoor spaces more from here. Lots of high end restaurants are close by. Therefore, you may get an excellent choice of food. There is Eataly Market also. Pleasant walk can be taken to Metapacking district and Union Square also. By taking inspiration from Gilded Age, the hotel has been decorated. Dramatic sense can be obtained.
  1. The Plaza 5.0
In terms of luxury, The Plaza is one of the best in New York City. In this century old hotel, you may find about 282 rooms. Bathroom fixture with gold plated design is one of the specialties of the location. The hotel is faced towards the Central Park. Butler service can be obtained 24 hour along with a great spa.
  1. The St. Regis New York
For an extraordinary service, The St. Regis is known to most of the people. Lots of exceptional features have been made the hotel popular. Every room of the hotel is elegant. The hotel can be found in Fifth Avenue. Therefore, you can go almost anywhere in the city easily from here.
  1. Baccarat Hotel and Residence
Top shopping destination of the New York City is placed near this hotel. Therefore, most of the shopping enthusiasts like to stay here. Great experience is offered by this hotel. Several luxurious features such as La Mer Spa can be experienced. Indoor pool is quite excellent too. Fitness center can be observed. Dinning and drinking can go on entire day. Some high tech features can be noticed with a mirror that conceals the television. Gourmet mini-bar may able to quench your thirst too. Bathroom fixtures are quite awesome. If you go to New York City then you must live in these hotels for a memorable experience. Services at the hotel may oblige you remember them forever. As a result, you may like to go back to New York time and again. By booking these hotels before hand, you can forget about all your tensions.