History of New York City

Initially, Lenape who is also known as Algonquin used to hunt and farm in New York. They used to stay area close to Hudson River and Delaware. From 16th Century, Europeans have started to come. According to records, Giovanni Da Verrazzano is one of the first persons who have reached the location in search of Asia. However, settlement has not started prior to 1624. About 30 families of Dutch West India Company have started to live in Nutten Island. Now-a-days, it is recognized as Governor’s Island. The location has been named as New Amsterdam. Later on, in 1626, Governor General Peter Minuit has bought the Manhattan Island from the natives. During this time, about 300 people have been staying at New Amsterdam. However, numbers of people have increased rapidly afterward. By 1761, the population has reached to 18,000. Presently, population of about 8 million can be counted in five boroughs of New York City. !8th Century From Dutch, British has taken the city in 1664 and given the name New York City. Diverse kinds of population can be noticed here. Immigrants can be seen from England, France, Netherlands and Germany. Slaves are especially bought in from African Countries. As the capital city of the United States, New York City has served from the year 1785 and 1790. Several anti-British activities have been noticed here in 1770s. In order to protest against Stamp Act of 1765, business has been stopped and effigies are burnt. Due to importance of the city strategically, British has wanted to gain control of the city from the beginning of Revolutionary War. In spite of George Washington’s Continental Army effort, the city has become the base of British Military in 1776. The condition has remained same till the year 1783. 19th Century Recovering from battle, the city has become one of the popular ports within the country by 1810. Cotton economy has flourished further due to presence of this port. Crops of Southern Plantations are sent through these ports to various cities of England as well as Manchester Mills. However, it has not been easy to bring goods from one place to another internally. Measures are taken to create a 353 mile canal from Lake Erie to Hudson River in 1817. The work is finished in 1825. So, New York City has become the trading capital. Improvement of infrastructure is seen over time. Street system with grids is established in Manhattan. Police Department in New York City has been established in 1844 first. Growth in the number of immigrants has been observed constantly. Settlement has been noticed in neighborhood by people from Eastern and Southern Europe. Business has been started and trade unions are being formed. 20th Century Present look of the New York City has been given this time. Five boroughs have been consolidated with Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and some other independent location to develop Greater New York. In 20th Century, lot of struggle has been faced by America. New York has suffered a lot also. Suburbs and Interstate Highway is formed only after the World War II. So, affluent people have started to live here. Lots of economic reforms and deindustrialization have been noticed during the time. As a result of Hart Cellar Immigration Act, 1965, it has become possible for the Asian immigrants to come and settle here. New Millennium Great blow has been suffered by New York due to September 11th terrorist attack in 2001. Collapse of World Trade Center has caused a lot of loss. More than 3000 people have died. Right now, New York City is one of the popular tourist spots in United States and it draws more than 40 million people every year.