5 must visit places in NYC

New York City is mostly known for the skyscrapers of Wall Street and neon lights filled Times Square. However, leafy expanse of Central must not be forgotten also. The city is home of world class museums, historic streets and shopping arena. Some of the memorable icons of American history can be found here such as Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. There are some excellent bars and eateries around the city also. So, visit to the New York City cannot be completed if you do not visit places below. These are landmarks of the city that has a special place in the country’s history too.
  1. Metropolitan Museum of Arts
To see every nook and corner of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, you may require days as it is pretty colossal in nature. In an excess 2 million artifacts can be seen here at MET. By visiting the location, you may able to know 5000 years old history of America. It is better to plan ahead to visit the location. Enough time must be kept in hand.
  1. Empire State Building
Silhouette of Empire State Building can be considered as a pencil slim. However, it has been always considered as a fine example of Art Deco. Empire State Building is one of the landmarks of the New York City. Some of the great romantic Hollywood movies have been shot here. Spectacular view of the city can be obtained from the deck at 86th floor. However, finer view can be ensured from the observatory at 102nd floor.
  1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
For an outsider, glimpse of Statue of Liberty signifies America with its huge building on backdrop. Ferry is generally taken to reach the Liberty Island. The journey must be started from the Battery Park. It certainly gives you a sensation that may not acquired from anywhere else. Stories of immigrants in United States can be seen and heard at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigrations. In different galleries, you may able to witness artifacts and photographs from present as well as colonial era.
  1. Central Park
Huge green expanse in the middle of city can be observed in Central Park. It can be considered as urbanized Eden. Both residents and travelers can visit Central to relax for a bit and enjoy the nature. Several people may jog round the track. For first impression, most of visitors come to location between 59th and 72nd street. Spots can be found picnic even if there are lot of people. Sunny day is the best time to visit the Central Park.
  1. Grand Central Terminal
In terms of spread, Grand Central is one of the largest and busiest railway stations in the world. More than 700,000 commuters use the service every day. As a public place, it is quite majestic. By looking at the beautiful chandeliers, you can go back to the old era. The main concourse is pretty gorgeous too. It is about 120 feet in width, 200 feet in length and 120 feet in height. Design of the Grand Central has been inspired from Public Bath in Ancient Rome. On the ceiling, constellation can be enjoyed that is created with the help of map made from fiber-optic.